{About a year ago, shortly after I turned 40, I finally started thinking about Botox.  I have never done anything particularly ambitious or aggressive when it comes to skin care.  Over time, something began to happen, I started noticing deeper lines in my forehead, more crows feet around the eyes and for the first time ever I felt like I looked old, however, I didn’t feel old. Having never done Botox before my real hesitation wasn’t actually getting the Botox but finding someone who was highly qualified to perform the injections. I didn’t want to look like one of those cast members from The Real Housewives, reality show.  After days of research, and visiting a million local web pages. I discovered Linda Goforth and Staff at the Aesthetic Center of Sarasota. With every amazing review I read, I got more and more excited to lose my virginity to Botox. Like a new Groupie, I booked my first appointment.  Arriving at her beautiful office in downtown Sarasota, Linda was everything  I hoped that she’d be and none of the things I feared.  She was beautiful, cheerful, smart, and inquisitive. She spent over 30 minutes observing my face and making the best recommendations based upon her knowledge and expertise. After a quick face cleaning, a few pencils marks, and Mr. Buzzy the injections were done.  After sweating the process for so many years, I can’t believe how easy and painless it was.  No bleeding, no bruising and zero discomfort.  At this time Linda set an appointment two weeks out so we could review the results together and tweak the recipe if necessary. During these two weeks, I felt like it was Christmas in July (actually June) as Botox leaves you a little present every morning.  I woke every morning and couldn’t wait to look into the mirror and discover what magical tweaks it created overnight. At my two week visit, I ended up looking exactly as I hoped I would. What I didn’t expect was a much-welcomed side effect, that the expertly placed injections created an overall illusion that my whole face was lifted. At this time my only regret is why the heck did I wait so long to do it. If you are looking for an amazing team I would absolutely look no further.  This Team is hands down the best and they not only met my expectations but they exceeded them.  Thank you, Linda and Team!
  • Gina C.
{Sorry, but five stars are simply not enough for me to write this review. The Aesthetic Center’s newest addition, Aesthetician Patty Ruggero, has officially brought Linda Goforth and her #dreamteam to another level, which is hard to believe, as perfection they already had been. Being from Boston, and still spending the majority of my time there, I have access to the “Best.” Sorry, but the only “Best” is right here in Sarasota! I had a few Hydrafacials in Boston and liked them very much, but after seeing Patty for my Silk Peel, I’m hooked! Bye to the Hydrafacial and hello Silk Peel! My skin looks and feels like never before. I feel like a new layer of skin has been revealed. Silky smooth, plump, and I truly am glowing, even five days later! When it comes to my appearance, I am as picky as they come. I’m also extremely honest. I have only given three reviews in my life. One was for my hair stylist in Boston, the second was for Linda Goforth, and here’s my third. Patty was amazing in every way. She explained everything to me prior to each application and/or manipulation. Patty is calm, kind, and soothing. Her knowledge is not to be surpassed. I’ve been asked multiple times daily, where I go to treat my skin? My answer is,”I go to the best there is, The Aesthetic Center in Sarasota.” Having Patty, a truly incredibly knowledgeable and talented Aesthetician, who knows the latest and greatest treatments out there, is the icing on the cake for the already fabulous Aesthetic Center! I’m here every six weeks, and it looks like I will now be adding an appointment with Patty Ruggero, for my “Silk Peel,” to my Sarasota routine. My girls, Patty and Linda! Thank you for making me look and feel fabulous. See you soon😀
  • Meryl S.
{Pelleve is wonderful and Stephanie Perez rocks. I just completed a series of three and the results are coming to show. The whole process takes three months and after each hour session, my skin started to look and feel firmer and more relaxed. The magic of stimulating the underlying collagen should start to show- I can't wait. Love Linda Goforth PA and her staff.  Have followed her from downtown to wherever she and her gentle technique goes.
  • Victoria C.
{From the moment I walked in The Aesthetic Center I felt at ease. The receptionist Diana greeted me with kindness and made me feel right at home and relaxed.
  • Mandy A.
{OMG!!  I’m “over the moon”!!  Ms. Jaymee at The Aesthetic Center really impressed me!  I’m pretty squeamish when it comes to needles, but this gal!!  Not even kidding when I say I didn’t even feel most of them!!  She and Linda both are so caring and gentle, not to mention their attention to detail and precision.  I must say I’ve NEVER been so thrilled with a treatment!  Looking forward to my two-week follow-up!
  • Marilyn M.
{So happy with all of the aesthetic services I have received from Jaymee Watson!  I am treating with her for micro needling, and Botox injections in my forehead and the coveted "lip flip". She is gentle, makes sure you stay comfortable, and is very attuned to her patient's needs. Love this special lady, and would recommend her and her team to anyone looking for aesthetic treatments!
  • Tammy P.
{Super fantastic experience yesterday at The Aesthetic Center. Jamie is AWESOME!  She is very skilled and truly cares, it’s not about the almighty dollar here! Walked out feeling like a million bucks! The place is beautiful. The fabulous owner and the girls that work in the office are extremely friendly and caring! Highly recommend!
  • Maria I.
{I am very "experienced" when it comes to receiving cosmetic treatments.  Having received services at other facilities in the area made me want to let others know that The Aesthetic Center is by far the best!  Jaymee did a precise and pain-free treatment.  Absolutely no bruising either.  So glad to finally have found a place that cares about doing things right and makes me feel valued too.
  • J.R.
{I’ve had routine Botox injections by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists for more than 10 years while living in NC. I can honestly say Nurse Practitioner, Jaymee Watson is the gentlest injector EVER! Not only is she super sweet but she takes time to apply numbing cream and marks the injection sites with a white pencil while making polite conversation. The entire experience from start to finish was fantastic. No bruising either. I highly recommend!
  • Linny B.
{Jaymee is amazing! From the moment I walked in The Aesthetic Center, I felt at ease. The receptionist Diana greeted me with kindness and made me feel right at home and relaxed. I went in for lip fillers and Botox, and this was my first time doing any of it. Jaymee was so kind, she listened to me, she explained my options, and helped me decide the best products for my needs. Before Jaymee did anything she carefully explained each step. She was gentle and very conscientious of how I was doing. Jaymee went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and the procedure was practically pain-free. I did not feel the Botox at all. And with the lip fillers, she used a numbing cream and also did a dental block. I felt almost nothing on my bottom lips and felt a very little pinch on my top lips. Jaymee and the staff at The Aesthetic Center made me feel loved and welcomed! I’ve already scheduled my next appointment and can’t wait for the next session. ❤️ You must go see Jaymee, she is a class act for sure!
  • Mandy A.
{To be honest, I am reluctant to post a review out of selfishness! There are hidden gems in this world that are very, very precious. Linda Goforth, PA.C is one of these. She is an outstanding injector who knows precisely every plane of facial anatomy (I am a medical professional also, and this is very important to me). She is an exquisite perfectionist with an eye for symmetry. More than anything else she is a wonderful person who truly delights in what she does. I have struggled with significant lip/mouth asymmetry most of my life due to a severe crossbite. I was told my only option for correction was double jaw surgery - not covered by insurance and with a high risk of complications. She corrected this completely!!! She also made some major improvement in the deep hollows I had under my eyes. People have asked if I lost weight (no!) or that I look well rested (no again!). Nobody has said, “you got work done”. What more can be said? An amazing practitioner with a wonderful staff to boot.
  • Jane S.
{Linda is fantastic along with her wonderful staff. Not only is she extremely kind and patient, but she is also very skilled in her profession. She really listens to the needs of her clients, and makes the experience painless and fun and more importantly achieves beautiful results.
  • Heather S.
{Went to Linda with a friend for micro needling of deep acne scars about 6 weeks ago. Returned and had second session and injectables. I've been trying to get rid of scarring for years. I've tried everything from lasers, Retin A, peels from a plastic surgeon. After this session I was so happy I started to cry. I feel confident enough to go out without makeup for the first time in years. Highly recommend.
  • Mary F.
{I just had Juvederm Ultra injected into my lips a few weeks ago with Linda. This is the second time I have ever had this procedure. Linda is outstanding from the consultation all the way to the two week follow up! My lips are beautiful and I am over the moon with the results. It is important to find an injector that has the skill and expertise as Linda. Do yourself a favor and go here!!
  • B.H.
{I first met Linda at her prior location of employment when she gave me an IPL treatment.  I've always had sensitivities and am prone to reactions with different treatments.  I was very nervous about trying the treatment and Linda was very sensitive to my anxiety.  She was so kind and patient with me, reassuring me that she would take extra care and to be as gentle as possible.  She did a fabulous job and I was thrilled with the results.  After she left that location I had been seeing different doctors/people for various treatments and decided I wanted to go to one location that would offer everything.  I also wanted to go to a place that I knew would be sensitive to my specific issues.  After locating Linda at The Aesthetic Center, I met with her and decided to receive both Botox and Injectables from her.  She was amazing. I've never been treated by any health care professional with such genuine kindness and patience.  She was very patient and listened to me about my concerns.  She was extremely gentle and again I was thrilled with the results.  The results looked very natural and I got several compliments from people who thought I was using products on my face to improve the appearance instead of Botox and injectables.  Her staff is also as wonderful as she is.  I've finally found the place where I can get all the treatments and skin care needs in one office.  I highly recommend the Aesthetic Center if you are looking for people who are extremely ethical, professional and very knowledgeable in this field.  I always felt I needed to see a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist to get the best results, but I was very wrong.  I got much better results at the Aesthetic Center.
  • Annette
{My sister, a friend and I went to Linda for fillers and micro-needling.  I did a lot of research before finding Linda.  She is a true perfectionist!  She spends a lot of time to be sure her services are spot on, and the results are great.  She is concerned about your comfort and her office and staff represent how important her work is to her.  I absolutely highly recommend her. I am thrilled with the results. Several days later, Tressia did a beautiful job with applying permanent eyebrows.  I'm 62 years old and had forgotten how nice my brows used to look until she re-created them. She is also a perfectionist.  Both women are very talented and have great credentials.
  • Marilyn F.
{Do NOT look any further! Linda is the absolute best of the so-called ”Best!” I visit Sarasota one week per month. I live in a very large City, known to have the “Best” Plastic Surgeons,” as well as the “Best” In skin care. Well, after a few very disappointing experiences, I began to do my research in Sarasota. I am extremely picky and I guess you could say that I’m a bit obsessed with my looks, as I’ve always taken very good care of myself, and I want my face to match my body, which is very fit and far younger appearing than my age. That said, I also don’t want to look fake, just really “Good” for my age. From the moment I walked into Linda’s beautiful and soothing office, I felt relaxed, however, after meeting Linda, who is even more calming than her office, I was completely at ease. Artist is putting it mildly. I had my lips, cheeks and chin injected. The one time that I had lip injections elsewhere, I thought I was going to die from the inexplicable pain! Well, Linda uses something called a Dental Block, that no one I know uses. God knows why, as I literally felt nothing! Amazing! No fear necessary. I have also had no bruising, which in the past was always a big issue. Linda speaks to you in a very soothing tone, listens to your concerns, as well as ideas, which I have had on occasion. She takes her time, examining your face, making sure results are symmetrical and even. Less is more with Linda, and I love that. After all,  your face has her name and reputation on it. Sure, she could make a fortune if she did everything us woman THINK we need. Not Linda. What else can I say? I’ve said enough. I adore and trust this beautiful woman implicitly. I look very natural and responses are always, “You have great skin, and you do not look 52!” My face matches my neck, my chest, and my body. Go to Linda. She truly is ‘The BEST of the so-called best!” Love her, as well as her welcoming staff!
  • Meryl S.
{I am not sure I can say enough good things about The Aesthetic Center! I am so glad that there is such a professional, thorough, and caring place like this in Sarasota! I have been coming here since I moved to Florida in October.  I have NEVER been to a place that takes so much care and is so concerned with achieving the result you came for!  Linda has trained a phenomenal staff to mirror exactly what she does and model what she wants to represent. I love the women who work at the front desk, they are always so polite and welcoming! They genuinely care about me and my life! It's truly amazing! I have also had the pleasure of working with Jaymee this past time for Xeomin, and Jaymee has also assisted several times for my micro-needling treatment! Her precision, attention to detail and care of how I was feeling during the treatments is exactly like Linda! Coming from owning a business in the service industry myself, I firmly believe it's important that clients experience the EXACT same treatment, care, and concern with any person who represents the business, and this EXACTLY how this staff is!  I would also like to state that my face has NEVER looked better than what it does since coming here! I can see why the name "The Aesthetic Center" was chosen! It's incredibly fitting!  
  • Lauren C.
{Linda is THE best botox and filler professional I have ever been to. I have been doing injections for many years and just found her after moving to the area 2 years ago. She is an artist and a perfectionist. Patty also does amazing facials. I couldn't be happier with my results!
  • Lori B.
{When I met Linda years ago, I was greeted with warmth, compassion with impeccable skills.  I have had 5 skin cancers on very tender areas of my face.  I needed someone who could listen and hear my concerns and to recommend procedures to help eliminate my problem areas. I knew she was the one for me because of her "Master Injector" designation (which is a high honor).  I knew I was in capable hands. I am a Professional Model (Commercials, Print and Television) and desperately needed someone to help with my problem areas and she went above my expectations. Linda is an excellent P.A. and is very hands-on with her patients. I felt very informed on all the procedures I have had with her.   Prior to having Botox, micro needling with PRP, injectables (to fill the voids in my face from skin cancer) I felt very confident before every session and during the healing time.  Her office has a policy to call the day after a procedure to check up on you. She has an excellent rapport with all her patients and is very committed to ensuring your happiness with the results. I have recommended Linda to many friends and will continue to do so! Also, I would love to give a warm glowing review to Linda's competent, kind, caring and compassionate Office Staff.  They are all truly amazing.
  • Kat B.
{I've had fillers and Botox done for 20 years with some of the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists here in Florida and in Los Angeles (including Beverly Hills). Ladies, we are SO LUCKY TO HAVE LINDA GOFORTH HERE! She is the best injector I've ever worked with! She knows everything about her field, including facial anatomy, the science of beauty, and how to minimize swelling and bruising. Nobody I've ever worked with can hold a candle to her! And on top of her qualifications and skill set, she is a wonderful person who exudes love and compassion. Going to see her is always a treat because she is wonderful to spend time with AND I always leave with a feeling of excitement about how much better I look! Linda, you are the real deal and please don't ever leave Sarasota! We all love you and need you here!
  • Harmony B.
{I had such a wonderful and warm experience from the moment I entered the room. Linda was the kindest and most experienced professional I have had. She truly is the "Lip Queen", so precise with lots of tips that assist through throughout the process. My enhanced look is SO natural! I am extremely happy, I love it! It is truly a miracle that I found her as my beauty specialist. Most important Linda has an extensive medical background which makes the whole experience that much better! She is the BEST!!!
  • Victoria
{Cannot say enough good things!  From the moment you are welcomed at the front desk to check out and scheduling, the customer service is amazing.  Linda Goforth is an artist.  Her knowledge of the anatomy of the facial structure translates to beautiful, natural,  and pain-free results.  If you have been hesitant about receiving injectables, please hesitate no more because you have found the right person!
  • Debbie S.
{I did a lot of research on finding a place for filler and Botox, Linda’s name was always at the top of my list. I can tell you she doesn’t disappoint. Her precision, talent and professionalism is amazing. Linda thoroughly explains everything and is a good listener, and a very nice person. I’m so happy with my look now. The staff are wonderful and accommodating. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Linda and staff.
  • Gail M.
{I’m a 21-year-old college student at UF who’s been self-conscious about my dark under eye circles since high school. I went to The Aesthetic Center to have tear trough filler twice over the last year with Linda Goforth, PA and I could not be happier with my results!!! Linda is very gentle, precise and conservative in her approach to filler. I looked great each time I left and I didn’t have any signs of swelling, bruising or pain. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do this kind of work.  She really is the best in her field! Linda also treated my mom with IPL and her skin looks great! I highly recommend Linda and her team. You can tell they really care about their patients!
  • Rocky C.
{Best place EVER for Botox, Fillers, and facials! I’m from Massachusetts and travel to Sarasota frequently, and each time I treat myself to a visit to The Aesthetic Center. First, let me say from the moment you enter the office, the vibe is one of pure warmth and kindness. Linda did the most amazing job on my tear troughs and cheeks. I had tried having my tear troughs filled in Boston in the past and it was disastrous. After that experience, I was convinced that I was not a candidate for under eye filler. I was wrong. Despite my fear, Linda proved me wrong. She was very conservative and careful not to overfill. I love my results and was very impressed she called the following day to check on me. Patty does the most amazing facials. She’s hands down, the best Esthetician I’ve ever gone to. My skin has never looked better. I love the staff at The Aesthetic Center and quite honestly, I could stay for hours as that is how much I truly enjoy not only my results but the company of such wonderful women. Highly recommend! Cheers from Mass. and your #1 fan!
  • Kai T
{I had my lips and enhanced by Linda Goforth and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results. Linda is a perfectionist, an artist and eager to please. I drove all the way from Punta Gorda for her services based on a glowing recommendation from a friend.  I am SO glad I did!!!
  • Alison
{Linda is the Absolute Best...a true Perfectionist that makes you feel special and look beautiful...there is no one better in Sarasota.
  • Pamela E.
{If you’re looking for a master injector with an artistic flair, look no further.  Linda Goforth at The Aesthetic Center is the place to go.  I have had several procedures done by her over the last few years, one being the Vampire Face Lift. PRP (platelet rich plasma) was injected into specific troubled areas, which included my cheeks and smile fold.  This helped to soften my deep folds and wrinkles, and create a smoother skin texture and tone. The blood draw and injections were made quite comfortable.  Best of all, no downtime!  My hands were one of the biggest giveaways of my age.  Linda did fillers in both hands to correct my hand’s skeletal appearance. This added much-needed volume and an overall smooth appearance. It was amazing to see the transformation right before my eyes.  The procedure was pain-free with no bruising.  I highly recommend Linda Goforth for all your aesthetic needs.
  • Beverly C.
{Linda is a true artist! Her medical background, along with her attention to detail, and genuinely compassionate approach with her clients is top notch! I am a healthcare provider myself and I would highly recommend Linda!
  • Anon.
{As a salon owner myself, I am asked, "Who do you recommend for Botox, fillers, etc.?" At the top of my referral list is Linda Goforth, PA. Not only do I refer many of my clients to her, but I have also been to her myself. I sustained an injury to my top lip as a child which, to me, affects my smile line. She told me she could work on it. I am so happy with the results. Her attention to detail is beyond measure. She took so much time examining my lip and watching my muscle movement of the surrounding area. I must admit I'm a big baby too yet she made me feel very comfortable. EVERY single client I have referred to her has thanked me and expressed how wonderful Linda is. Linda is an extremely caring, compassionate and talented woman. I highly recommend her.
  • Becky W.
{Linda is the most amazing injector I have ever experienced.  It’s amazing that I have no bruising, swelling or problems.  She listens carefully to what I want, offers her advice, gives me the cost up front, and tracks my rewards to get me a reasonable price.  With an amazing result.  Shout out to the staff who are so friendly and warm.  Thank you Aesthetic Center and Linda Goforth.
  • Michele B.
{I'm very happy to be a patient of The Aesthetic Center. My consultation was informative and enjoyable. I absolutely LOVE my results and feel comfortable having my beautifications done at The Aesthetic Center. Being in my mid 30's and new to facial rejuvenation I appreciate Linda's honesty and knowledge. She is A+ and I recommend The Aesthetic Center to my family and anyone else interested in looking/feeling younger.
  • Jes M.
{ What a wonderful team at the aesthetics center! I went in to get lip injections for the first time and I was very nervous, but Linda is so gentle and takes her time to make you comfortable. The process is pain-free and actually a very relaxing experience. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a true artist. She used Juvederm Ultra Plus and Botox to achieve the look I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. She truly listens to what you want. Absolutely beautiful results! I highly recommend the Aesthetics Center.
  • Sara B.
{Tried a few places around town and then found Linda and her team. Can’t say enough about how wonderful everyone is there and the excellent service they provide. I just had the silk peel with Patti and it was worth every penny. Linda is passionate about what she does and actually cares.
  • Dawn B.
{From the first appointment, Linda and her staff make you feel welcomed and at home. It makes it that less scary when it’s your first time getting that done. Through the process Linda made me feel as comfortable as possible so I could enjoy the experience and even the follow-up. I walked out of there feeling even better with who I chose to go and get my treatment done by.
  • Jennifer C.
{This is by far the best place to go to in Sarasota. Linda and her staff always make me feel so welcomed. Linda is a true artist and takes her time while injecting. Also, I just had the best facial by Patty. She talked me through the entire process and she knew exactly what my skin needed. I can't wait for my next appointment.
  • Dana B.

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